The Bessemer Society

In the unlikely setting of a room at the back of Kings Cross station last night was a meeting of the founders of the mysteriously named Bessemer Society. This group of people includes a select band of serial CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating successful new companies based on technological innovation.

The idea for the society came from Alex Stewart who is the great great grandson of the great Victorian innovator, Sir Henry Bessemer. Bessemer was hugely successful and epitomised the blend of technical, creative and entrepreneurial skills that are the catalyst for founding any progressive and lasting enterprise. Alex’s vision for the Bessemer society was based on the old mutual friendly societies and allows like-minded people to discuss issues of common interest in an informal setting.

Discussions at the meetings are very wide ranging, but the fascinating aspect for me is how much common ground there is amongst this group, both on the essential essence of creating a successful new business, but also the personal qualities of these people. They are not the brash, egotistical self-publicists that the press portrays entrepreneurs as. They are quiet, respectful and thoughtful, but with clear vision and the ability to debate and communicate without needing to win or impress; though I have no doubt they can all do this this when needed.

The society will hopefully attract more similar people and help in some ways to capture, nurture and share the subtle and intriguing range of skills that go into the creative process without resorting to the high energy, formulaic and too often unsuccessful methods that tend to have become the received wisdom of the day.

For more information, please contact Nigel at Badger Projects or Alex Stewart.  Further meetings with invited guests and speakers are planned, with potential meetings further afield in Manchester and the southwest. Membership is by invitation.

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