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Welcome to our new website.

Badger Projects has been resurrected. After a period running 2-DTech and getting immersed in the heady world of graphene in Manchester and a period as Research Commercialisation Manger for the University of Bristol, it’s still my passion to see companies make it out of the blocks on into the growth phase. There are still as many traps as there are opportunities. Creating an enduring company in the UK still seems to be much harder than it should be. It needs a degree of masochism and endurance on the part of the founders that not many can match.

But there are success stories. Versarien, 2D-Tech’s parent company, currently has a valuation of over £150m as a materials manufacturing company, thanks primarily to the dogged persistence of its founder, Neill Ricketts.

Tech companies still too often have to run the gauntlet of university TTOs, investors, and professional service companies, all of whom have their own business and personal objectives. Universities especially should be very clear and open about their commitment to supporting new businesses.

Badger Projects is currently working with several early-stage companies; watch this space for exciting news.

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