Badger Projects’ mission is to help early-stage companies get going and to grow. We understand the challenges of creating a compelling story and attracting funding alongside the important work of developing technology and building a team. We aim to help bridge the gaps, but not just with words, but with hard actions. We work with you to take on whatever legwork is needed. 

As an independent organisation, we have only the success of our clients to focus on, and this can bring clarity to situations where multiple organisations have competing objectives. 

We have experience of large and small companies, universities and development organisations and also of the journey to develop, launch and manufacture new products and services in many different environments. 

Through our network of connections, we have a wide range of resources and skills to help you too. 

Give us a call and if we can help, we will. 



Dr Nigel Salter has built and run manufacturing plants as well as engineered and launched new products in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. He has worked at director level for multinational companies including Oxford Instruments, Dynacast, Federal Mogul and Kliklok International.

Having seen at first hand the relatively poor performance of the UK in taking good technology to market, he now works with technology and manufacturing companies, especially  early-stage start-ups, to help them move purposefully towards commercial success.

He has run an early stage graphene start up company founded by the University of Manchester and which is now a successful part of Versarien PLC. He has also worked for the University of Bristol as Research Commercialisation Manger and has first-hand experience of the challenges of translating early stage research into attractive business proposals.

He is a founding member of the Bessemer Society



Our name

The name ‘Badger’ was given to Nigel Salter by his team at Oxford Instruments.

During what at times were heated discussions, he would say to disputing factions that they all needed to be stroking the badger in the same direction.

The admonition invariably worked, the name stuck and now it’s on the company letterheading. Nigel is still doing it, bringing a common sense of purpose and stimulating debate, this time between academia and the business world.